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What is content writing –  It is nothing but writing  an article based on a subject which is suitable for the people to read. Definitely, the writer should need the  skill of narration for developing the subject. These articles will be published on websites as well as in blogs.

What are the basic rules of content writing

  1. Keep it clear, Concise and stay focused

    A subject focused content writing is essential. This is not about arranging some works based on keywords. Also can not writing about any other subject than mentioned in the heading. We should be loyal to the reader while we call them to read the contents. Some are copying the contents from the internet are also not advisable and Google will find the duplication and certainly will avoid them.

  2. Edit it again and again to avoid mistakes

    Once we finished the content writing, read it again and edit the common errors may occur like spelling mistakes & mistakes in sentence construction. The search Engines are more intelligent and they can avoid the article if it is not as per their Algorithms. So it is advisable to make sure the contents explaining based on the subject mentioned in the heading.

     3. Different types of content writing available.

             How we can explain our business to the customers. What is the speciality than the competitors in the market. The content writing can divided to different divisions based on their writing nature. One is copy content writing. This method allows to copy the content of a web site, business profile and brand details after reading the same, in a different way. Another is research writing. The research content  writing is a method of writing based on the research done by the people. The creative content writing is more talented way of writing which may attract more people to the web site.

4. Include Images and infographics

94% of the people are following images. The image is an attractive way to present the content to viewers. Infographics also a modern way of presentation of ideas. These kind of image along with the contents are useful for the readers. 

5. Before closing the content writing, answer the questions arised.

The same as mentioned above, the content writing to be closed with answers about the subject we discussed. It is not advisable to close the topic by asking the readers to find the answers. Thus discuss only about the subject which is well aware to the content writer.

The best contents can bring traffic to the web site. SEO mainly depends on content writing.

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