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Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

The email marketing is for sending a commercial piece information. Which can be a text, image or a video to a particular group of people. They might have an interest on your business. Email marketing is most powerful and an ancient online marketing method. Postal services were doing this earlier. A commercial message or a personal invitation.

The first email was sent by computer engineer Ray Tomlinson in 1971, the email was simply a test message to himself. The email was sent from one computer to another computer sitting right beside it in Cambridge,Massachusetts, but it traveled via ARPANET, a network of computers that was the precursor to the Internet. Around 47 years before.

Customer based Marketing

Customer based marketing will be helping the business to improve. The business has to keep them updated with their new products, services, offers and other important matters.

Do the email Marketing with your own database.

The  email servers will not allow to send bulk emailing. A secured server to be hired for mass emailing.

Email Marketer of your own business

It is better to own an email marketing platform and do the marketing with emails you have. We provide a platform where you can prepare your own flyers,  images,  and send to your valuable customers. No spam and no rejection. This will also provide you various reports as how many people viewed. How many engagement got and forwarded. Also many other valuable information which will help you to improve the business