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    Digital Transformation from anywhere

    This is a successful story of Digital Transformation from India.  Mr. Varun Chandran hails from Kerala state, India started his career as a football player. In 1999 he won gold medal for the best player when he was a member in under 16 state team. He became the captain of under 19 state team and then the vice-captain of under 21 state team.

    Unfortunately he got injured while focusing on Santhosh Trophy football tournament, which is a premier club football tournament in India.

    Mr. Varun Chandran was from a poor family ,in a village in Kerala, India. The family never earned more than $20 a day.  Thus there was no money to treat his injury. He had lost his career and was forced to search for a job. But not enough qualified to get a job. His hard work and enthusiasm pushed him ahead. While searching a job in Bangalore he learned English & computer by himself. Finally he managed to get a job in Hyderabad.

    Big Data – Digital Marketing

    His sportsman spirit helped him a lot. The company had sent him to USA. There he developed his sportsman spirit and joined football clubs there. There he got a great understanding of online business possibilities and digital marketing strategy. Also a wide exposure on global business. Later on, the company sent him to Singapore. There he got his life partner, an Anglo Indian girl she became an encouraging power behind him. His understanding on data as a service became stronger and planned for a business enterprise.  The data is available all over the internet, but how to collect, sort out and analyze the same.  This is very important and there he found his business startup.

    He started his internet presence by investing $ 400 at that time.  The presence of internet is important for every business. Also utilizing the digital marketing possibilities are more important. Social media marketing, data analysis, search engine marketing are all different sections of the same. This is must for every business now.


    Corporate360 is a multimillion $ company now offering lot of jobs in a rural area of India. The mindset of the leaders and management is very important for a change to the digital world. Don’t be late to think about changing your business for the digital marketing possibilities.

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