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Best Email Marketing Tools

Explore the best Email Marketing tools for small businesses and digital marketing agencies. Filter the tools to fulfill your all Email Marketing needs.

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Campaigner is one of the most powerful marketing automation tools on the market, catering to businesses of all sizes, Campaigners intuitive and feature rich software will allow you to reach your audience through their preferred channel.


With GetResponse MAX, you get best-in-class deliverability, unrivaled flexibility, and direct access to a group of experts who are there for you throughout the entire process.


Intelligent lead capture, personalized website messaging, and audience analytics to convert more visitors into customers.

bigmailer-io-email-marketing-tool is an email marketing platform built for agencies to optimize managing unlimited brands, users and clients with access controls and white label option. supports all email campaign types: marketing, automation, transactional.

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  • activecampaign-email-saas-marketing-tool

    ActiveCampaign helps growing businesses meaningfully connect and engage with their customers. With the SaaS platform, they help businesses go beyond marketing automation to optimize their customers’ experiences.

  • amazon-email-marketing-tool
    Amazon Email Service

    Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a cloud-based email sending service designed to help digital marketers and application developers send marketing, notification, and transactional emails

  • automizy-email-automation-tool

    Automizy is an easy email automation. They help SMBs convert leads to sales with our intuitive, insightful and ingenious platform.

  • autopilot-email-marketing-tool

    Autopilot has email marketing software trusted and loved by thousands of teams around the world. It helps marketers capture and convert new leads, connect with customers, and create loyal repeat buyers.

  • aweber-email-marketing-tool

    AWeber delivers powerfully-simple email marketing software specifically designed for small businesses. Since 1998, they’ve helped over 1,000,000 small businesses around the world.

  • bee-email-marketing-tool

    BEE helps marketers quickly design beautiful, responsive emails with a drag-n-drop email editor that can be used online or embedded in SaaS applications.

  • benchmark-email-marketing-tool
    Benchmark Email

    Benchmark aims to provide practical marketer with strategies and devoted support to create ongoing customer engagement with email marketing and automation tools.

  • campaign-monitor-email-marketing-tool
    Campaign Monitor

    Campaign Monitor is a leading email marketing platform. They strive to provide the best product and services, ranging from easy to use email marketing tools and automation to full-featured email platforms used by teams of all sizes.

  • campayn-email-marketing-tool

    Campayn allows you to create, share and track newsletters and marketing emails. Create stunning emails in minutes with pre-designed templates or build them from scratch.

  • constant-contact-email-marketing-tool
    Constant Contact

    Constant Contact is a leader in email marketing since 1995, provides hundreds of thousands of small businesses around the world with the online marketing tools, resources, and personalized coaching they need to grow their business.

  • converkit-email-marketing-tool

    ConvertKit is email marketing software for online creators - the authors, makers, podcasters, photographers, YouTubers, teachers, artists and other creators building the future. We have 19,500 paying customers, send 500 million emails per month, and are growing revenue quickly.

  • email-on-acid-email-marketing-tool
    Email on Acid

    Email on Acid offers the most comprehensive and flexible email pre-deployment platform of its kind. As the industry leader in email production management, the company’s platform helps developers, marketers, and enterprise organizations deliver email perfection.

  • emailoctopus-email-marketing-tool

    EmailOctopus offers email marketing solutions. The platform provides a simple and intuitive user interface which allows marketers to create their own rich HTML emails, and deliver them to subscribers inboxes with only a few clicks.

  • emailout-email-marketing-tool

    EmailOut is a fully functional free email marketing software for ambitious entrepreneurs whose businesses are in the start-up and super-growth stages.

  • freshmail-email-marketing-tool

    FreshMail is an innovative email marketing system that makes it easy to create and send online campaigns. Its intuitive user interface lets you design and customizes beautiful newsletters that get attention and results.

  • hiver-email-collabration-tool

    Hiver is an email collaboration product built on top of Gmail. It helps teams of all sizes manage group emails like [email protected], [email protected] right from Gmail. Hiver has over 1400 customers across five continents, including the likes of Flexport, Vacasa.

  • hubspot-content-marketing-tool

    HubSpot is a leading growth platform with thousands of customers around the world. Comprised of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and a powerful free CRM, HubSpot gives companies the tools they need to grow better.

  • hunter-mail-tracking-tool

    Hunter makes it incredibly easy to reach out to other professionals. They help sales, recruiters and marketers connect with the relevant people with simple and powerful tools.

  • icontact-email-marketing-tool

    iContact's email marketing platform helps businesses of all sizes get results. The tool is for small business and a professional marketer looking for maximum campaign strategy, or a high-volume sender with millions of subscribers.

  • iterable-email-marketing-tool

    Iterable is a cross-channel platform that powers unified customer experiences and empowers marketers to create, optimize and measure every interaction throughout the customer journey.

  • kickbox-email-marketing-tool

    Kickbox provides technology that promotes email best practices and improves inbox placement, including a full suite of deliverability monitoring and management tools.

  • klaviyo-email-marketing-tool

    Klaviyo helps growth-focused eCommerce brands drive more sales with super-targeted, highly relevant email, Facebook, and Instagram marketing campaigns.

  • lemlist-email-marketing-tool

    lemlist is an email outreach platform that allows you to automatically generate personalized images and videos. Kickstart client relationships by making your cold emails highly personalized.

  • litmus-email-marketing-tool

    Litmus helps email marketers work more efficiently, catch costly errors & accelerate campaign performance. Major global brands across every industry and vertical trust Litmus to make email better and easier than ever.

  • mad-mimi-email-marketing-tool
    Mad Mimi

    Mad Mimi is the easiest way to create, send, share and track email newsletters online. Mad Mimi is for people who want email marketing to be simple.

  • mailbird-email-marketing-tool

    Mailbird keeps you organized and delivers a clean and easy experience for both personal and business use. Also, keep personal and business email separate, but managed them from one place.

  • mailchimp-ecommerce-marketing-tools

    Mailchimp is an always-on marketing platform for small businesses. They make innovative, beautiful products that empower those businesses to find more customers.

  • mailerlite-email-marketing-tool

    MailerLite is the email marketing software that is focused on providing exceptional value to its existing customers, including an intuitive user experience, fast 24/7 live support and straightforward pricing that makes sense for small businesses.

  • mailforge-email-marketing-tool

    Mailforge is highly focused on email marketing automation. Users take advantages of new technologies in order to give their clients the most fluent workflow, and experience using their marketing platform.

  • mailjet-email-marketing-tool

    Mailjet is the email solution for teams to create, send, and monitor marketing emails, transactional emails via its intuitive multi-user, drag-and-drop interface, teams can create impactful email templates together.

  • mailmunch-email-marketing-tool

    Mailmunch is the one-stop lead generation and marketing platform that allows you to grow your business with lead capture and email automation tools to reach your audience with a personalized automated campaign.

  • mailup-email-marketing-tool

    A complete email delivery solution that combines powerful campaign management tools with SMTP relay and plugins for eCommerce, CRM, and CMS systems.

  • moosend-email-marketing-tool

    Moosend is a powerful email marketing platform with world-class features, state-of-the-art automation, and an award-winning user interface. Thousands of businesses around the globe use Moosend to engage their email subscribers and grow their businesses.

  • omnisend-email-marketing-tool

    Omnisend is the all-in-one eCommerce marketing automation platform that helps you sell more by converting your visitors and retaining your customers. Reach your customers with personalized messages using our powerful automation workflows and boost your sales. You can use the discount code "Danglobal10" to sign up for Omnisend.

  • pepipost-email-marketing-tool

    Pepipost offers robust Email API and SMTP service that integrates fast and sends emails in seconds. With a world-class reputation, Pepipost's emails always hit the inbox.

  • privy-email-marketing-tool

    Privy is an email marketing platform for small businesses. Their mission is to provide the tools, education, and support small eCommerce brands need to grow their online stores and build thriving businesses.

  • rasa-io-email-marketing-tool sends an individualized and completely custom newsletter to each one of your subscribers, every time you send. You can choose the sources and the topic and handles the rest.

  • rejoiner-email-marketing-tool

    Rejoiner gives you all the email marketing software, and hands-on consulting you need to increase conversion rates and crush your revenue goals.

  • robly-email-marketing-tool

    Their ultimate goal is to use automation to help small businesses market themselves online more effectively and efficiently. Robly uses innovative automation and artificial intelligence technologies to observe user behaviour.

  • rocket-reach-email-marketing-tool

    RocketReach allows you to find email and phone for over 1.5 billion professionals across over 20 million companies worldwide. Using sophisticated algorithms, RocketReach match rates are over 85% on average, well above most other services.

Tips to Choose the Best Email Marketing Tools for Agencies

The easiest and cheapest method to market your business is through emails. It is a great way to promote content related to your brand, share ideas, and build brand awareness. With a comprehensive email marketing campaign, you can increase engagement with consumers and improve sales.


If you want to get promising results from your email campaign, you need the support of the right email marketing solutions. The benefits of the platform offer vary depending upon your needs. That’s why there are numerous solutions but if you are more into custom solutions, it is better to search for email marketing tools for startups or email marketing software for non-profit organizations.


Email marketing software for eCommerce businesses should help with multiple aspects of your email marketing strategy, such as communicating with the target audience, sharing brand messages, selling products and services, building a relationship with customers at different stages of the sales funnel, and much more.


More importantly, you need a tool that allows you to effectively manage your list of current customers as well as potential ones so that you can deliver targeted content to them. In order to tap into the potential of your email marketing campaign, you need to identify a tool that aligns with your company’s business goals. If you are a small business owner, you will probably look for email marketing tools for small businesses.


There is an email marketing software list that covers a vast number of tools for each unique need. The list includes free email marketing tools as the paid ones. We know that finding the best solution for your business is not an easy job. Luckily, we have made this task easier for you. You can find a list of essential factors you should consider when searching for the best email marketing tool below.


Key Criteria to Evaluate Email Marketing Tools

Pricing Policy

Some email marketing tools base their pricing policies on how many emails you send while others base it on the number of subscribers. However, you should also look into free and paid services. Be careful to choose the platform and package that works best for you as well as your company.



An effective email marketing campaign relies on segmenting the target audience. This allows you to create and deliver targeted emails, depending on where a consumer is in the buying journey. Moreover, it helps to guide them deeper into the sales funnel. So segmentation should be an essential feature of the tool. Make sure to look into other features as well.



Your email campaign needs to improve results. Therefore, the tool must perform smoothly at all times. Talk to support staff and consultants about how often the software is updated and what options are included in maintenance. Ask other companies who are using the tool about issues such as downtime, security concerns, etc.


Customer Service

At some point, someone will have a question or need assistance. Consider investing in an email marketing tool that provides live chat options, preferably 24/7. Also, look into other channels that representatives actively engage on. To get a better picture of the level of customer support, we suggest you communicate with them before making a purchase.



Email marketing tools need to work well with other tools that you are currently using. Selecting an email marketing tool that integrates seamlessly with your CRM can be an excellent choice. Decide on a platform that allows you to manage valuable content, update customer data, and provide you with an overview of important metrics.

scope of the tools

Scope of the Email Marketing Tools

Your primary goals are to improve audience engagement, enhance lead generation, reduce customer acquisition costs, and boost sales. But what additional features does the email marketing tool provide to help your business? Some important ones to consider include assistance in creating email landing pages, designing subscription forms, and analyzing critical KPIs such as open rates, click-through rates, etc.

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