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Social Media – user Behaviours !!!

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    Social Media – Socialize with a Responsibility

    Before  you give a like, comment or  share a post in the social media. An internet user must check the legitimacy of the post. We must check details of the  author, source and the  date it was published initially.  Social media become more socialized through  news, advertisements and entertainment platform now.  It is a place for promoting business.

    We can also use social media for gossiping or spreading rumors and also for many other purposes which will destroy the communal harmony, peace , national integrity and so on.

    So it is very important to check the reality or trustworthiness of a post coming to the media before we take any action. We are mentioning here about the news which comes under political, communal, national & personal topics related to Jobs, health, relations etc. We are not mentioning about the live shows and re telecasting of the recorded programs in social media.

    How we can filter the news which we mentioned above?

    We all know that the social media is a Free platform, which were owned by Big companies in and around the world. So think twice when you believe a post coming in social media like  facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, telegraph etc. etc.

    1. Like , comment or Share only the posts published in verified social media accounts or in an active  website or published in  reputed print media journals.
    2. Check the link of the website and make sure that this is a genuine website and the contents are correct. Also make sure the website is live and active till that date.
    3. Since the website is not free, there will be a personal owner and it will be registered under a reputed domain registrar.
    4. Websites are  the only  owned personal property and our presence on  internet.
    5. The accounts we are having in FB, Instagram and Twitter are monitored regularly and can be cancelled or blocked at any time.  The time we spent on social media gives the benefits to these companies directly or indirectly. These are big business websites to make money.

    So think twice before you believe, like, comment or share any post in any Social Media platforms.

    Johncy C Samuel – Arte Marketing & Supplies

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